Eyeglass Collection

Using our Teen Vision Charity Eyeglasses Collection bins, we collect gently used adult and children eyeglasses from organizations in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.  After cleaning them, we ship them to developing countries all over the world, such as Haiti and Liberia, Africa.  People living in rural and remote areas of the country are able to have improved vision using these donated eyeglasses. 

Free Eye Screenings

During COVID-19, Philadelphia public schools have virtual learning and do not offer eye screenings.  To replace this service, we hosted three outdoor Free Eye Screening for Kids events in Philadelphia in October, 2020, with a fourth event pending.  We are focusing on providing uninsured children living in disadvantaged areas of Philadelphia with free eye exams and free prescription eyeglasses.

Pandemic Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Teen Vision has
sewed and donated over 100 face masks to health care workers and the general public.